Sunday, August 29, 2010

Ross Rides Russian with NOPA VELO: Pastries and Onion Domes Follow

Starting out at Peets in NOPA

Supervisor Ross with Dale talking Panhandle Park Plans

Best-dressed Bryan

"2,000 years of church history in a nutshell" from Father Juvenal

The Holy Virgin Cathedral of the Russian Orthodox Church

Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi joined NOPA VELO's To Russia With Love, for Pastries Ride Sunday morning and somehow managed to resist the sweets and savories at Cinderella Bakery. Few followed his example, and instead sampled rum rolls, apricot-filled butter cookies, strawberry cream danish, batrushkas, fried potato and spinach piroshkis and more. Twenty-five cyclists in the Richmond, in the sun, with amazement.

At Our Lady of Kazan Russian Orthodox Church on California Street, Father Juvenal welcomed the riders and offered a quick review of church history. How old is the church? "Thirty-three," he replied. As in 33 AD. That particular place of worship, not quite so old. The visitors were allowed to take a look inside at the conclusion of Sunday Services. "We always stand, there's no sitting," the pastor added. "Every Sunday it's SRO here." Next stop: the Holy Virgin Cathedral for the Diocese of Western America on Geary with its gold onion domes and ornate interior.

Puffed with pastries and incense, a good spin up Clement to the VA Medical Center and viewpoint at the rear of the campus afforded much-needed fresh air and a carb release. After a quick stop at Fort Miley for a glimpse of the fog-shrouded Marin Headlands, riders rolled down the Great Highway, hooked up with JFK Drive and returned to NOPA through the park and panhandle. Everyone opted for lunch at Green Chile Kitchen -- not exactly Russian, but NOPA VELO is an eclectic bunch.

Next ride: Sunday, September 26, The Hidden Paths and Trails of Golden Gate Park

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  1. looks like good times! :D
    i had too much fun on sat. nite and couldnt make it out. thx for sharing the photo album, very cool

  2. Great event. I always have wanted to come to these fantastic events but somehow i have not been able to. I hope for the next one.

    NOPNA Board Member

  3. Just a great ride, great people and great weather.

  4. Thanks for joining us Sunday For Russia with Love - and for those of you who have turned out before or plan to soon - look for us at Sunday Streets in the Western Addition on Sun., Sept. 19 with more information about upcoming rides. You're great!