Friday, August 6, 2010

Return to the Cool and Green

In Portland: a green "starter" box perhaps or saving on paint

In San Francisco: The full treatment on Fell Street

After a long weekend trip to Portland, I'm almost back to blog mode with news of all things biking, walking, and livability in NOPA. I liked being in that top bicycling city but I seldom saw as many bikes as I had expected. Perhaps it was a coincidence or being in a distant part of the city during the morning and evening commutes.

I also noticed a few odd patches of green pavement in downtown Portland (see photo). Maybe Portlanders are so accustomed to the full, solid green bike lanes around the city that even a hint of green triggers their bike awareness. I prefer the newly painted green swath along Fell Street. We won't know for awhile whether this newest colored bike lane will make road use safer on that block, but I'm optimistic that the additional green lane will prompt more motorists to think bike safety when they "see green" anywhere else in the city.

Look for a new BIKE NOPA series next Tuesday.

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