Monday, August 9, 2010

A Better Masonic: MTA Project Manager Optimistic About Traffic Calming Outcomes

Javad Mirabdal, MTA Manager for the Masonic Avenue Traffic Calming Project, reported that he is "very optimistic" about the next steps in the community-based process to make Masonic work better for all users and become more attractive for nearby residents. "We've got good options and alternatives to present to the community," Mirabdal said. City staff have reviewed the comments and suggestions from the first community meeting in June and are now ready to present four to five options based on that input. "All the options will include traffic calming changes," he added. The second meeting will be held this Tuesday evening.

A good turnout of interested neighbors is especially important for the upcoming meeting, according to Mirabdal. "Our goal is to reach a consensus for the changes by the time we reach the end of this process, so we need to hear from people now as we refine the options and develop a final plan." At the Tuesday gathering, city staff will present the options, give their own opinions, and then request feedback from those attending with a survey about what they like and dislike with each alternative. Neighbors will also be asked to rate the options by preference.

Mirabdal said the MTA will also conduct a parking inventory and a speed analysis along Masonic to guide the selection of design options. "Traffic volume is low during the summer months, but we may get speed data now to compare with what we get when the volume increases in the fall."

For the third meeting, tentatively scheduled for November, city staff will narrow the choices to one or two plans for neighbors to consider. Design and cost studies will follow, and a final report will recommend one proposal for a better Masonic.

Masonic Avenue Traffic Calming Project
Meeting #2
August 10, 2010
Tuesday, 6:30 to 8:30 pm
San Francisco Day School
350 Masonic at Golden Gate Avenue
(enter on Golden Gate)

For more information:
(415) 702-4421

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