Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Women Who Bike: Thank You All

All 18 of the remarkable women who told BIKE NOPA their stories and shared their experiences about bicycling in San Francisco are inspirations to anyone who bikes for transportation or recreation. Even better, their passion for cycling encourages the many San Francisco women who are right on the edge of getting out on two wheels. The unanimous message from all those who spoke to us in the Women Who Bike series is "Go ahead, try it, find your own style, you can do it too." Thank you to every one who shared her insights here and just as much to the women whose tales of the bike city made Bikes And The City even more of a must-read and must-see.

To collaborate with Meli of Bikes And The City has been great fun, and I continue to learn so much from her. Our meet-ups at her favorite NOPA cafe will continue as we plan our next collaboration. Expect a new summer series on our sites.

A big spin of the wheel to:
  • Kristin Tieche
  • Lynne Howe
  • Aurelia d'Andrea
  • Lenore McDonald
  • Dawn D'Onofrio
  • Susan King
  • Rose Johnson
  • Kay Hoskins
  • Aida Berkowitz
  • Cassidy Blackwell
  • Jenny Oh Hatfield
  • Kelsey Morrison
  • Constance Cavallas
  • Cheryl Hunt
  • Larissa Zimberoff
  • Pamela Palma
  • Mari Hunter
Find their profiles in the series (some will need individual, separate searching for some Blogger reason).

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