Tuesday, July 27, 2010

NOPA VELO Takes on the Chilly Tall Trees

Trees and bikes and fog: perfect Sunday morning

A typical summer day in San Francisco didn't keep NOPA VELO riders from their sixth monthly outing Sunday, July 25th. James, a first-timer with NOPA VELO, said he came out on the chilly morning because he was curious about the tree talks scheduled for the ride. One of the regulars was Smokey, a "rescue dog" or "little black dog" according to Dawn who pedals him around in his basket. She explained why she was joining the ride again. "Smokey brought me because he hasn't been on a ride for awhile and dogs and trees just go together. He wants the biggest tree possible. I think he wants to brag to his friends."

A total of twenty North Panhandle neighbors and friends met at Central Coffee, Tea and Spice, powered up on caffeine and carbs and spun off for their Tall Trees tour. First stop, the west end of the Panhandle where Dale Danley detailed the early planting of trees in the park from the 50-year-old redwoods to the 100-year-old Eucalyptus. Then off to the Andy Goldsworthy installation, Spire, just inside the Presidio after passing through the Arguello Gate for the second tree talk. Still no sun breaking through, but the troupe pedaled along the Presidio rim to the new Point Lobos overlook for a view of the habitat restoration underway. At the end of the tour, the riders took their planned park picnic to a nearby deck and dahlia garden instead. One more great NOPA VELO ride.

Coming up the last Sunday of August: think pastries.

Thanks to JP Collins for several of the photos in this album


  1. It took a 30 minute hot shower to warm up! Great group of riders - new and regulars. And I especially appreciated picnicing with Steve and Tom and getting to know some of our NOPA VELO'ers better. See you next month . . . the Russians are coming, the Russians are coming. NOPA VELO will be there! Stay in touch!

  2. I wanted to go on the ride but the weather just took my heart out of it. I'll be there for the next one!

  3. It was cool but not that cold by SF standards. The poncho probably helped :-P Thank you Dale for being our guide.

    Sorry to miss next month because, as you now know, I love fresh pastries.