Friday, July 23, 2010

MTA Tweaks Lane Striping to Direct Drivers into Arco Queue

The arrows and dashed bike lane begins mid-block

The new configuration might nudge more drivers into the queue for Arco

One of the safety advantages of the parking removal is open views for all road users

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) added another feature to the weeks-old traffic lane configuration on Fell Street between Scott and Divisadero. To dispel any reluctance motorists might have had about crossing the solid white lines of the bike lane to access the queue for the Arco service station, SFMTA installed dashed stripes instead. A full 100 feet of dashed lines were added, starting at mid-block. The dashes are wider and easier to see at a glance.

Although SFMTA does not explicitly inform Arco customers about the curbside line-up with street markings, the agency added more left turn arrows beginning at mid-block as well for a total of six. The extra arrows begin about 75 feet before the Arco entry, and were not needed to direct drivers into the left turn onto Divisadero. This fine-tuning of the approach to Arco and Divisadero -- combined with more outreach and media alerts to drivers -- may tip the scale to greater use of the queue.

Bicyclists who took some comfort in the solid stripes of the bike lane along this section of Fell may be frustrated by the change to dashes for half the block. However, the SFMTA still plans to paint the full lane a solid green once impact studies are completed for the lane changes. This new variation to the configuration will require its own evaluation which may result in a slight delay to the installation of the city's first green bike lane other than along Market Street.


  1. Good, the striped line is exactly what I feel was needed. Now I hope we don't have an incident where an asshole cyclist sees a driver merging legally into the turn lane and freaks out that cars shouldnt be in the bike lane, ever.

  2. The solid green will be nice, once it finally goes in. But I have to say, the dashed lane feels awfully narrow. I biked it today and felt a bit squeezed. Is it actually narrower than a normal bike lane, or was that just a trick of the mind?

  3. sounds like a plan to me! the green coloration should help too.