Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Good Roads: Sanchez at the Wiggle Finally Smooth

Sanchez between Duboce and 14th now spin-worthy and smooth

Odd how new pavement can be a vision of beauty

For one block of Sanchez, the work is completed (bring on the sharrows)

From 14th to Market on Sanchez, work is still underway

Most bicyclists who get around San Francisco have endured or avoided the poor, pitted condition of the asphalt on Sanchez street. Everyone knew that internal and external body parts were at risk of serious displacement by just one block alone, from Duboce to 14th Street. Those jarring memories can now fade. The Department of Public Works contracted the reconstruction and repair work required, and Friday the notorious block was restored. Work continues on the remaining blocks from 14th to Market streets. When completed, bicyclists travelling from Upper Market and the Mission to the Wiggle and points further west will have a smoother, safer bike route.

The Sanchez block was a rackety match to Steiner one block north of Duboce. The Steiner blocks were recently repaved as well. (The Duboce link between Sanchez and Steiner is also scheduled for its own makeover). DPW intended to reconstruct and repave Sanchez and Steiner all along -- there was no doubt they needed attention -- but department staff advanced the schedule for repaving these blocks north and south of Duboce at the request of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition's Good Roads Campaign. Neal Patel, coordinator of the SFBC project, cheered the Sanchez work, "We're excited to see the City bring much-needed safety improvements to the pavement of this portion of the busy Wiggle route."

Patel noted that SFBC has worked closely with DPW "to identify key bike routes with unsafe pavement and get them repaved ahead of schedule." Transit routes also receive priority for paving. Since many major thoroughfares serve vehicles, transit, and bicyclists, all road users benefit from most of the advanced paving.

During the current hot spell, spin over to Sanchez and enjoy the future of our streets (new revenue permitting).


  1. Congratulations! This will make a huge difference to all of us cyclists out there. Thank you!

  2. My knees/balls/back/frame/spokes/rims/tubes & tires thank you SFBC.