Thursday, February 3, 2011

Go "Gritty" on Street Date with SFGate, Maybe to "Alamonte Square"

One of the floating ped islands on Divisadero; this one stays within the crosswalk

Residents in Divisadero's "gritty" neighborhoods love the Farmers' Market

The SF Chronicle and SFGate feature "Divisadero Street, SF" for its Street Date in its Thursday through Sunday 96 Hours pull-out today. Right in the midst of its positive, little two-line intro we get "This thoroughfare traverses gritty neighborhoods that..." Guess the Chron just can't let go of the gritty when it comes to Divis or the Western Addition. No matter the make-over of the corridor with all the street trees, landscaping, bulbouts, parklet, new bike parking, funny thumb-nail-protruding medians, and so much energy that the street throbs day and night. But hey, we get all Divisadero and its neighborhoods have to offer and gritty too? Works for me.

Thanks, Chron folks for highlighting Little Chihuahua, Yoga Garden, Swankety Swank, Mojo Bike Cafe, Plant'It Earth, Green Earth Natural Foods, and the Divis Farmers' Market.

Two suggestions though, Chron: Add biking directions to the "Getting There" column for Street Date. It's the mode many of us choose for getting around. And add "bike parking" under the Parking. Because...well, you get it.

The Chron (hard-copy, not on SFGate) adds a mini-map to locate the featured businesses. You can't miss them: they're just one block west of Alamonte Square.

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