Thursday, February 24, 2011

BIKE NOPA Reader Can't Wait for Bike Parking in the Panhandle, Installs His Own

Until the official bike racks are installed in the Panhandle Park, this one helps

Bike parking at the bulletin board near the restroom west of Masonic

Impatient for the official, authorized bike racks to be installed in the Panhandle Park, one of BIKE NOPA's readers decided to provide secure parking for himself and any of the other thousands of bicyclists who use the Panhandle Path in the interim. Yes, the bulletin board posts are public property, but instead of any admonition, how about saluting the public spiritedness of the stealthy bike parker?

I appreciated that Dale Danley -- with his eyes-on-the-Panhandle everyday -- had yet to notice the bike parking addition in the midst of the proposed make-over area that he is helping to coordinate west of Masonic. "I'm glad that someone else realized how badly we need bike parking in the Panhandle," Danley remarked. "Getting real racks installed can't happen quickly enough for me either." When will the Panhandle project get underway? Danley said he was optimistic about the timeline, but ventured only a vague "Sometime this year."

For all the news on the Panhandle, check Panhandle Park Stewards.

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  1. Hah, that's great, I always admire a self-starter, especially one whose initiative provides a public benefit!