Friday, February 12, 2010

Wiggle and Waller Set for Surface Relief

Resurfacing underway on McAllister Street last year

NOPA cyclists get around town a lot, and any time they find a newly resurfaced street it's pure bliss. "If only more streets could be like this," is a common wish, a mix of appreciation and wistfulness. Even as the city struggles to find new revenue for badly needed street repair, a scaled-back schedule of repaving brings some bright prospects. A recent request for construction bids from the Department of Public Works identifies three popular cycling streets for the surface makeovers they deserve. Later this summer biyclists can anticipate much smoother spinning along these routes:
  • Waller Street, from Stanyan to Buena Vista
  • Sanchez, from 17th Street to Duboce
  • Steiner, from Duboce to Waller
Just a block of the Waller project is part of a bike route, but cyclists use this full stretch in the Haight all the time. The Sanchez work will give a huge boost to safer, easier biking in the Castro and Duboce Park areas, especially the block before Duboce which has long resembled grinding over a washboard. And the three small blocks of Steiner from Duboce to Waller deserve a celebration all their own when their much-repaired, rough surfaces get the smooth treatment. Blocks of the Wiggle bike route are included in both the Sanchez and Steiner projects.

The Department of Public Works continues to work with the SF Bicycle Coalition to prioritize bike route blocks for repaving when possible, and these additions to the schedule are a few of the benefits of that cooperation. Something to look forward to this summer.

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  1. thank goodness someone has taken initiative to fix SANCHEZ! riding that street is like riding moguls. thank you bikers.