Friday, February 26, 2010

One Very Good Reason to Keep Fell & Masonic Crossing Safe

SFBC hits the rush hour on the Panhandle Path to urge more SFPD enforcement

Every bicyclist, pedestrian, and motorist who crossed or traveled through the Fell and Masonic intersection late Thursday afternoon deserved safe passage, but one in particular caught my attention. Declan, a young NOPA resident, was out with his dad for a good spin on his Skuut along the Panhandle Path, including using the crosswalk at Masonic. He managed the crossing quite well.

For Declan's safety and for that of all bicyclists and pedestrians using the crosswalk, the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition set up a "streetside outreach" station at the corner of Fell and Masonic late Thursday afternoon. SFBC has urged the SF Police Department to increase enforcement with ticketing of red light running, especially for drivers turning left from Fell onto Masonic against the light. Dozens of bicyclists signed a petition requesting such action from SFPD.

Cheryl Brinkman, an SFBC volunteer at the station, believes it's important to remind people to keep making this intersection a safety priority. "For myself, I watch like a hawk for cars making illegal turns when I cross through here," she said. NOPA resident Rose Johnson reported that she has problems with red light runners "all the time" at this location.

As reported earlier in BIKE NOPA, SFPD Park Station launched a special Task Force of motorcycle officers this week to monitor the district's most dangerous intersections.
Last weekend Captain Teresa Barrett said Park Station officers ticketed 13 motorists and one bicyclist for running red lights at the Fell and Masonic intersection.

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