Saturday, November 14, 2009

Really? "Taking Kids by Bike: Faster, Less Stressful, and A Lot More Fun"

Mum with two kids on one bike by Dee Railer.
photo courtesy of busbozo on Flickr

Surely this isn't just a Florida phenomenon,
but a mother in Orlando touts a discovery that makes transporting her two young daughters to school followed by her own commute to work a whole lot simpler.

For readers without kids to transport, "Angie" gives a quick rundown of the routine on Commute Orlando Blog. NOPA parents with little ones might not have time to commiserate, especially those with kids who have places to go. But they know the drill. According to Angie, "Any parent that has had to run errands with kids in tow knows how frustrating it is to buckle, drive, stop, unbuckle, ad nauseum."

Parents at the tipping point of trying bicycles-for-transport might appreciate the encouragement and information that this converted Florida bicyclist offers. She compares the time and effort for moving kids around in a car and on bike, and whether it's school, play dates, or errands, bicycling wins feet down. She also offers tips on the advantages and disadvantages of using bike trailers for kids -- she doesn't like them -- and how utility bikes work better for her and her husband.

KidsOnXtracycle1 by bikinpolitico.
photo courtesy of bikinpolitico on Flickr

Angie's ringing endorsement is hard to beat: "The time and energy we save by running errands by bike has completely changed our quality of life; this kind of life improvement is priceless."

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  1. This is a great idea. I love bikes too! So much easier to get around in them!