Wednesday, May 4, 2011

History Races Through NOPA May 15th

Look for the Ambassadors in T-shirts; better yet: wear one

2010 racers on Fell near Masonic Photo: Michael Helquist

Brits Get Traction, Or Friction Photo: Michael Helquist

Countdown to 100th Anniversary Bay to Breakers Race
10 days
16 hours
17 minutes
05 seconds

Bay to Breakers is back and this is the big 100th. The longest continuously operating footrace zips through the North Panhandle on Sunday, May 15th. The party -- all wacky, bare, and safe -- continues long after the sprinters flash through on Fell Street. Hopes are stoked and
last year's flare-ups are tamped down. Everyone seems poised for a good time, even with different takes on what that will mean.

A coalition of eight neighborhood associations has worked to ensure the 100th race is crazy fun without the trash behavior many felt followed last year's romp. Besides the precautions for limiting participation in the race, the ban on alcohol in the race, more monitoring and more portable toilets, the group leaders have launched a Neighborhood Ambassador program for the centennial 12k run.

According to Jarie Bolander, President of NOPNA, the Neighborhood Ambassadors will help participants and visitors with the basic information they need
  • Locations of restrooms
  • Locations of trash collection areas
  • Location of EMS services
  • General event information
  • General directions related to the neighborhood and course
  • Provide the hotline number for neighbors and participants
Ambassadors then agree to
  • Assist with clean-up efforts
  • Assist with identification of problem situations or locations
But volunteers will by no means police or enforce any laws. Instead, they will observe, report and have a great time. All while wearing the limited-edition Zazzle Bay to Breakers Volunteer T-shirts.

Sound like work? Shifts are only for two hours and you can't beat the people watching. Organizers urge, "Be Part of History." Sign up at the Zazzle Bay to Breakers site .

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