Monday, January 3, 2011

A Bright And Gold(en) New Year

Holiday good cheer prompted someone to enliven NOPA for the start of the New Year. Right in the center of the neighborhood and, for the occasion, a top hat as well.

BIKE NOPA has big hopes for 2011 in the North Panhandle and in San Francisco. I especially look forward to
  • a new commitment to pedestrian safety
  • a revitalized Panhandle Park
  • planning for an east-west cycle track through NOPA
  • a better Masonic with approval and funding for the Boulevard design
  • a safer, friendlier Bay to Breakers celebration
  • full-on sunshine for the return of Sunday Streets to NOPA (with Divisadero included)
  • a second year of NOPA VELO bike rides
Let the opportunities and challenges begin!

1 comment:

  1. I'm in for all of that! Happy New Year and happy safe bike riding. If you have some ideas about a NOPA VELO bike ride you'd like to take or see us organize, e-mail and let's talk! Would love to hear from you.