Friday, November 12, 2010

Resounding YES to Sunday Streets by NOPA: 96.9% in Survey Want Car-Free Event in 2011

Kid-friendly blocks for biking, bike decorating, face painting and more

"I was blown away by how many people showed up to enjoy car-free space even in the rain."

Eleven car-free blocks an inconvenience? Not at all for 84% in NOPNA survey

Nearly 97% of survey respondents from the North Panhandle want the car-free Sunday Streets celebration to return to the neighborhood next year. The NOPA residents hailed the event that opened neighborhood streets to walking, biking, live music, and games on September 19th. One resident who identified herself as "Diana (driver, cyclist, pedestrian, citizen)" added a comment: "I support community use of the streets, and the more reason to come together the better." The online survey was conducted by the North Panhandle Neighborhood Association (NOPNA) last month and sent to members. Thirty-two completed the survey. The survey was emailed to several hundred neighbors.

NOPA neighbors have been supportive of Sunday Streets ever since the prospect of bringing the event was first proposed early last year. In addition, Jarie Bolander, NOPNA president, said the association received only one complaint about the removal of parking and the restricted street access. Eleven blocks along Central, Grove, Baker, and Golden Gate were closed to parking from 11pm Saturday to 3pm Sunday. In the NOPNA survey, 84% said the removal of parking caused no inconvenience while 12% said the situation was manageable. NOPNA helped arrange for 200 free parking spaces for residents along the route, but only 20 of those were actually used. Similar high percentages of neighbors said they were "very satisfied" about event promotion, behavior of participants, and the quick and thorough clean-up.

Respondents suggested changes for next year's Sunday Streets in the Western Addition:
  • devise a less-fragmented route, perhaps from the Panhandle to Fulton to Fillmore streets
  • include Divisadero for a mix of residential and commercial activity
  • add more activities along the connection between NOPA and Fillmore
  • allow more food stalls and food trucks
  • add even more live music and give the route a music theme
  • get neighborhood more involved and inform neighbors that they can hold garage sales
  • "more sun next time please"
  • post No Parking Signs earlier-- 8 days rather than the 72 hours required -- as a courtesy to those neighbors who use their vehicles infrequently
One neighbor concluded, "Sunday Streets will get even better during the second year." All the routes for the 2011 program have yet to be determined, but a return to the Western Addition is definitely anticipated according to event organizers.

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