Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Smoother McAllister

Relief on McAllister Street.
McAllister Street is the most direct route to and from NOPA and the Civic Center and
Market St., but the prolongued utility construction on this corridor east of Divisadero has made biking difficult and risky. Today contractors began "mill and fill" operations (removing old asphalt and replacing with new), and the result should be a big help for a smoother safer ride.

Why only the north lanes? If utilities tear up more than 25% of a lane, they must repave the complete lane when work concludes. (But they're not required to do the same for the other lane). For McAllister that means much of the north lane will be repaved but not the south. The exceptions, so far, are the blocks between Divisadero and Steiner. Both lanes were torn up, so both get resurfaced.